hello beautiful!

I’m Andrea, and I am super excited to tell you a little more about myself. I figure it’s only fair! Most days you can find me running around, caffeine in hand with a messy bun and a smile on my face! A t-shirt and yoga pants is my go-to outfit. I love blankets, the bigger the better. I dream of spending an entire day in bed, snuggled in blankets with an endless supply of coffee, popcorn, and good books by my side. (And preferably near the ocean, but that might be asking for a little too much)  

Though the moments are rare, I love spending my free time reading, browsing Pinterest or getting my hands dirty with a new craft project I will inevitably abandon half way through. Of course, with a coffee or a diet coke in hand!

sparkly dresses


mint juleps


pretty shoes


Fiercely loyal, unbelievably smart, and wise beyond her years. That pretty much sums up my first born. Lily spends her days talking (a lot!) and dancing - which she does competitively. So yep, I’m a dance mom. And proud of it! Lily has a passion for reading which makes my heart soar and she is incredibly humble.  




I am super lucky to have such a patient husband. He asked me out for TWO YEARS before I finally said yes. I don’t know what took me so long, but I am seriously thankful for his persistence.  

Bill and I met at work where he was a manager and I was a cashier. Our first few months of dating, we kept everything hush hush around work which, I think, made it that much sweeter!  

Now Bill and I spend our days navigating parenthood, praying we don’t mess things up too badly, and trying to sneak in a few minutes of alone time between dishing out snacks and reading bedtime stories. 



Goodness gracious, this kid is 1 in a million. Literally. Liam will dazzle you with his charm, his dance moves and his delicious brown eyes. Liam was born with a rare genetic disorder that made the first year of his life a little stressful, but even at five years old, he won’t let that define him!

Our little Lexie is the most passionate person you will ever meet. She loves with her whole heart and wears her emotions on her sleeve. It’s cute as an 8 year old, maybe not so much as a teenager. Lexie is the perfect middle child - her big sister is her best friend but she loves her little brother in a way no one else can!