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I absolutely love when my teeny tiny clients come back in for their one year session.  It is always so much fun to see how much they have grown and to see their little personalities start to shine through!  Little Olivia was a bit of a touch cookie, and she was more interested in making a mess with her cake rather than eat it, but this cake smash session was a true success!
styled one year session toddler photographer oconomowoc

Watching Olivia’s curiosity! With the outfits, the cake, what she was sitting on.. she even loved looking at the other pictures hanging around the studio!

one year photographer oconoowoc pink and gold cake smash oconomowoc one year old girl birthday

What was your biggest struggle when planning your one year session? Did it come true?

I was worried Olivia wouldn’t smile! She doesn’t usually smile a lot in new surroundings, but with a little time (and also some bribery with puffs) we got so many pictures with her smiling!!

oconomowoc toddler photographer oconomowoc photographer good with kids

Did Olivia attack the cake? Touch it once and freak out?

She was more interested in the texture of the frosting and squishing it in her hands, not so crazy about eating it!

first birthday cake smash oconomowoc cake smash photographer oconomowoc ixonia photographer

What are you hoping to do with all of the photos from your one year session?

We have a long hallway with bare walls and I can’t wait to hang up pictures from her one year session (and newborn session too)!

cake smash photography oconomowoc cake smash oconomowoc

What has been the best part about being a mom/dad the last year?

So many things! Watching Olivia’s personality grow more each day, her excitement every time she learned something new, the snuggles, her first laugh! Being a parent is the best!

one year old cake smash oconomowoc waukesha photographer

What has been the roughest part about being a parent over the last year?

Not being able to communicate when something is bothering her to know what is wrong/how to make it better!

trendy one year photograpehr oconomowocstudio photograper oconomowoc

What baby items did you use the most over the last year?

Bottles, diapers, wipes


What baby items did you use the least over the last year?

She did not like a pacifier so we have quite a few from the baby shower that we ended up never using!

cake smash photographer oconomowoc

cake smash oconomowoc

I’m so happy we have these pictures to look back on! It was a great experience!

oconomowoc sullivan photographer

Oliva, it was so awesome to see your little self for your cake smash!  I can’t wait to see where the next year takes you!

Do you have the perfect theme for your little one’s cake smash?  Let me know about it here!



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