If this isn’t the cutest little reindeer you have ever seen…

I fumbled with the tiny little clothes in my hand.  I turned them this way and that, holding them up to the sets and eyeing them with that weird “one eye closed squint”.


“So, I was thinking we could use this little headband, maybe paired with is romper?  And then I have this adorable white romper with this knit hat? Should we give these a try?”


I held my breath for just a second.  What did they think?  Do they like these options?  I don’t know why, but I get a little nervous when presenting my baby clients with outfit choices.  I mean, your babies are perfectly adorable in the clothes you brought them in.  I don’t ever want you to feel pressured into using the rompers I have, or to feel like your photos will be less than perfect if you aren’t overly thrilled with my options.  Because let me tell you.  Your baby is PERFECT.  Absolutely, adorably perfect.  It does’t matter what they are wearing, their little personalities will shine right through in the photos.


But, I needn’t be worried.  “Oh my goodness, those are adorable!” was the immediate response I got.


Ashley and Mark, and all of my clients, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me.  Not only with your precious little children-becuase that is of utmost importance.  But I thank you for trusting me with design decisions, location choices, and most of all – for capturing these memories for you.  Yeah, it might sound a bit cheesy, but these, there right here, are memories.  Memories of your daughter at 8 months old, smiling with her impossibly cute dimple.  These are the photos you will look back on when she is 5 years old and just drew with permanent marker all over your couch.  They will bring a tear to your eye as you realize that time escaped way too quickly and a smile to your face when you are instantly brought back to her 8 month old little self, clapping and giggling as you walk into the room.



If you’d like to get more information about booking your own child for adorably cute photos like these, CLICK HERE to get in touch and learn more!



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