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I am so excited the weather is turning nice!  The nights are longer, the weekends are filling up with family parties and celebrations, and everywhere you go, you can smell something cooking on the grill! 

Ahh, summer!  How we have missed you!  

Back when I first started in photography, I was asked to photograph a family reunion.  This reunion happened every two or three years, and over 60 people or so would get together for this reunion.  (Connie, if you are reading this- hi!  I’m talking about your wonderful family!) 

As a new photographer, I was slightly intimidated yet mostly excited at photographing such a large group of people.  How would I get the kids all looking at the camera?  How would I make sure everyone was posed correctly?  How in the world would I make sure no one was blinking in the frame?  Ahh!!  

But bigger than all of those nerves was the excitement and anticipation!  How awesome is it that so many family members were willing to give up their time in their busy schedules to get together and celebrate with one another.  Catch up on their lives, share some laughs, and enjoy each other’s company.  It was at this reunion, I fell in love with generational photography.  See, generational photography doesn’t have to be perfect.  And it certainly doesn’t have to involve 60+ people!  (In fact, I would suggest it doesn’t!) 

extended family session

Generational photography sessions are generally overlooked, but they shouldn’t be!  I think it is time you grab your parents, your siblings, and all the cousins and get a date on the calendar for your photos!  I know it sounds daunting, but someone has to get the ball rolling!  It might as well be you!  

You might have some questions about how to get started with booking a generational photo shoot, and I’ve got all tips for you!

#1: How to schedule

I don’t care what you are trying to do, scheduling a time to make it happen is always the worst part! I am sure my dental office dreads when I call. “Can you come in Tuesday?” “No, I’m busy.” “Can you come in Friday?” “No, that won’t work?” “What about April 17, 2021?” “hmm…I might be able to squeeze it in that day.”

Sound familiar?

Scheduling a generational photography session can be a challenge. Getting your siblings and parents all together can be hard! The easiest way to accomplish finding a date you can all get together is to plan ahead! Pick a couple of days and give everyone the list. One of the days is bound to work for everyone!

Also, keep in mind the best time to do photos will be close to sunset – so later in the evening. This helps with making sure the kids will be done with their soccer games, play dates, and chores before photos!

#2: Who should be included?

That is totally up to you! The majority of generational photos start with mom and dad (grandma and grandpa), their kids, and then their grandkids.

This is always a nice group in order to get a lot of different combinations of people. The family as a whole, each individual family, all of the cousins together, grandma and grandpa with all the grandkids, mom and dad with their adult children and spouses. The list goes on and on!!

generational photography

#3: Where to do the photos?

Don’t you worry, I’ve got this covered!

However, if you have a family lake house that is special to you, or a favorite park you like to go to, we can work that it! You just have to let me know!

If you don’t have anywhere in particular you would like to do the photos, I have plenty of ideas for you! Don’t worry!

#4: What do we wear???

Ahh, the thing that stresses most people out about photos! What to wear? The days of everyone wearing khaki’s and a white shirt is so 1990. I always suggest picking 2 neutral colors (maybe white and grey) and then a single pop of color (maybe blue!) So, maybe little suzi wears a white and blue skirt with a white top. And maybe Dave wears khaki shorts (khaki goes with everything I think!) and a navy blue shirt. And Alice wears grey slacks and a white blouse. You get the picture! If everyone picks and chooses what to wear within those color guidelines, it will look cohesive!

And don’t forget, your shoes will be in the photos! Make sure everyone has on nice shoes or sandals!

#5: What do we do with the photos afterwards?

I think generational photography looks wonderful put together in an album. With everyone coordinating their clothes and the different combinations of people in each photograph. A wall collage or a big print hanging above the mantle would look amazing as well!

family photography

Seriously, your mom and dad will love you for doing this!!  Surprise them with pulling together all the details and just inviting them to come along!  Schedule a nice dinner out afterwards, and they will be thrilled.  

And if you need a little more encouragement, just think!  You can get their favorite photo printed and framed for Christmas!  Or we can create an album with all of the photo from your session and you can present that as their gift!  See, you are killing two birds with one stone!  Awesome updated photos now, and a Christmas gift already checked off your list!  

If you are ready to start the process for your generational photo session, click here so we can get the ball rolling! I can’t wait to hear from you!



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