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I am super excited to introduce you to Mr. Palmer Daniel! This little sweetie is just perfect in every way! And when I say little, I mean little! Mr. Palmer was born at only 3lbs 11oz. Can you imagine such a sweet tiny little babe?!?! After 10 weeks in the NICU, Palmer was discharged and we got him into the studio ASAP for his newborn photos. Let me tell you, this handsome little guy is 10x cuter in person!

I had the chance to ask his mama a few questions about bringing home her tiny little love bug and what the first few weeks as new parents were like!

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Was Palmer named after anyone?

He was named after the great American golfer, Arnold Palmer. My husband Dennis and I both love the sport!

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Did you know you were having a boy before delivery day?

Nope! We were surprised!

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Did you decorate a nursery?

Since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl, we did neutral colors. We did a ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ theme, with lyrics from the Frank Sinatra song and stars/moon decor.

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What has been the best part about being new parents?

The best part is holding him and watching him grow before our eyes! He was born 10 weeks early and to see how big he has gotten has truly been a miracle. He is now over 3 months old and over 10lbs and growing!

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What has been the most challenging part about being new parents?

The most challenging part has been learning to be patient and adjusting to life without sleep! No book can prepare you for being first time parents, and add to that first time parents of a preemie! With Palmer being a preemie and spending 48 days in the NICU, we had to learn to roll with life’s curveballs and pray that it would all turn out. The nurses would always say, “This is Palmers world, you are just living in it! It’s all in his time”, and that is so true. Learning to be patient and have faith that everything will be okay has been challenging, but also rewarding because we have grown so much from it.

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How have your pets adjusted to the new baby?

Our fur baby, Billy (York-chihuahua mix), has thankfully adjusted well to Palmer! He was a little suspect when we first brought him home, but now he loves Palmer just as much as we do! The jury is still out on how Palmer feels about Billy though! Haha!

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Who does Palmer look like most?

We can’t tell yet! Somedays he is a mini me of Dennis, other days we see me! We think he is a good mix of both of us!

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What is your favorite memory from the first week or two of having a newborn?

Hands down, the best memory was holding him for the first time. It was 6 days after he was born and the NICU recommended we do ‘skin to skin’ with me first. He was so precious and perfect and it was right before my birthday. Best birthday present ever! Dennis got to hold him the next day for the first time. Tears of joy for sure!

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What did you love most about your newborn session?

Our favorite part of the newborn session was seeing Andrea work her baby magic!  All the cute poses she put Palmer in had us in awe – and she knew all the tips and tricks to ensure he was comfortable and sleepy and ready for his photo op!

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What do you hope to do with all your beautiful newborn photos?

We are doing so many different things with our newborn photos!  We of course got some printed out to put in frames around the house and we have the digital images that we will be using in photo books we are creating.

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What would you tell new mom’s who are unsure if they want to have newborn photos done?

I would tell new mom’s that you will regret buying too many onesies or toys that only last for a few weeks until your child grows out of it and moves onto the next, but you will NEVER regret investing in the memories of photos from when they were first born…because they simply grow so fast and their look changes every single day and Andrea’s newborn photography captures the most precious moments that you will only get for such a short period of time when they are newborns!  Through Andrea’s awesome photography, you can look back and re-live the cute newborn days anytime you want in the future!

Dana and Dennis, thank you so much for allowing me to capture these precious moments for you! I loved every second of meeting little Palmer and I can not wait to watch him grow this year!

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