Misc. Monday v. 5

Yay! Monday is here again!

  • Only 45 days until the first day of spring!

natural waukesha children's photographer

  • I am hoping against all odds that we are done with this cold weather. According to the farmers almanac, February is going to be 2 degrees above average with 1.5 inches less snowfall than average. I’ll take that!
  • School was closed Monday and Tuesday last week due to the cold. It was nice to have Lily home a few extra days.
  • Who am I kidding?!? It was nice to stay in my pajamas for two extra days!
  • On Tuesday I took the girls to see Frozen. What a great movie!!! I love it! It was the girls first time in a movie theater. Lily did pretty good. Lexie was asking to leave after about 40 minutes. All in all they had a good time though, and all they want to do know is watch Frozen youtube videos and beg me to purchase it on DVD. Soon enough, kids. Soon enough.

natural waukesha kids photographer

  • I heard that Orange is the New Black is going to be back with new episodes this spring! Excited for that!
  • And on the Netflix topic, I finished all 7 episodes of Army Wives. I loved that show! I was really sad to see it end. Have you seen it?
  • And since I feel like I have watched just about every single tv on Netflix, I need some new suggestions! What is your favorite show to watch? Leave it in the comments!!
  • I went out to dinner with an old friend on Friday. We tried to go to Joses Blue Sombrero for some guacomole and chips, but the wait was over an hour! Who waits that long for guac? Not I! (Although I was really bummed I didn’t get any. Maybe I will stop tonight and pick some up)
  • At school this week, Lily had to dress up as what she wanted to be when she grows up. When I first asked her, she said she needed more time to think about it. Finally, she said she wanted to be a mama. (LOVE!) I gave a shout out on my business page that I had no idea how to have her dress the part besides putting dark circles under her eyes and coffee in her hand. Well, I think we pulled out a great costume! She looked great!

natural waukesha photographer
waukesha kids photography


wedding consult tonight! woot woot

Newborn session on Friday

Lots of organizing and rearranging in my home going on this week too

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