Valentines Day Dinner in Waukesha County

You’ve been scouring Pinterest and trying to me up with the perfect Valentines Day dinner plans.  Maybe your man loves a good steak dinner.  Or maybe he is more of a seafood kinda guy.  Either way, you want to make him something he will love.  After all, they say the quickest way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

So now you came up with the most amazing three course dinner.  To start things off, you are planning a beautiful caprese dish meticulously cut into tiny little hearts.  The main course will follow with a beautifully grilled steak topped with perfectly seasoned shrimp, again, placed in the shape of a heart.  Dessert will obviously be the best part of the dinner, a homemade chocolate bowl filled with whatever it is you put inside homemade chocolate bowls.

After spending the full day in in the kitchen, you are disappointed to find out that your caprese salad does not hold the heart shape at all, the steak is over cooked, the shrimp does not lay nicely in the shape of a heart and the chocolate bowls look NOTHING like they do on Pinterest.  (Pinterest: Why oh why must you lie to me?  I don’t think these things can actually be made by actual human beings!)


You need a back up plan.  Quick!

Don’t worry, I have you covered.  Check out these amazing restaurants that are sure to deliver a spectacular Valentines Day dinner for you!

#1:  Kurt’s Steak House

Kurt’s Steakhouse is one of my favorite restaurants.  Nestled in downtown Delafield, Kurt’s Steakhouse is the perfect place to grab a delicious bite to eat.  The stuffed mushrooms and bruschetta are must have appetizers while the Center Cut Filet and Shrimp Scampi are sure to please any pallet.  And of course, there is an array of decadent desserts if you still have any room left after your meal.

#2:  The Melting Pot

So, as my dad says “Why would I want to go to a restaurant where I have to cook my own food?”  And then he goes on a rant about a restaurant he once went to where you grabbed your own cut of meat and then had to grill it yourself.  (Sorry dad, but it’s true!)

But really, if you haven’t been to the Melting Pot, you are missing out!  First of all, the table set up is amazing.  Each booth has such high backs that you feel you are the only one in the restaurant.  And they booths are somewhat staggered, so you really don’t even notice the customers sitting around you.

In my opinion, the best part about The Melting Pot is that you aren’t fed plate after plate and then quickly ushered out the door.  Each course is meant to be enjoyed and takes time to eat.  The cheese fondue appetizer is amazing, and you have so many different choices!  Follow this with a salad and entree and then be ready to enjoy the most amazing chocolate and dippers!  It is a great way to spend some quality time with your hunny without being rushed.

#3:  Fleming’s Steakhouse

Located right next to Brookfield Square, Fleming’s Steakhouse is one of the most amazing restaurants.  The entrees are sure to please even the pickiest eaters and the a la carte sides allow you to customize your perfect meal (please please please get the chipolte mac and cheese.  And then order another one and drop it off at my house before you head home)

If your main goal when going out to dinner is to enjoy a to-die-for dessert, then you can not skip Flemings.  Their chocolate lava cake is something that can not be missed.  But be warned, it takes 20 minutes to make.  But don’t worry, that just gives a chance for your food to settle so you can chow down on this little piece of heaven.

#4:  Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Another classic Brookfield Restaurant.   Carrabba’s is the place to go if you are looking for an Italian dinner experience.  In my opinion, if you are a shrimp lover, you can not miss the Shrimp Diablo appetizer.  And if you still need more shrimp (because really, who can really have enough?) then you should highly consider the Fettuccine Weesie.  The fresh made pasta is really what sets Carrabba’s apart from any other Italian restaurant.  And since everything is made fresh upon order, you can completely customize your meals to your preferences.

#5:  Mr. B’s

Alright, so I can’t comment on this one personally.  I have never eaten here.  But that didn’t stop me from adding it to my list.  My sister and brother in laws visit Mr. B’s frequently and it is their favorite restaurant.  And looking at their menu, I pretty much want to try everything on there.  (If you want me to do a more through review on Mr B’s, feel free to take me out to dinner there!)

Now, just a fair warning.  If you want to plan a Valentines Night Out, don’t wait until the 14th.  Reserve your date now!  Or you will end up celebrating a romantic dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with your husband.  Nothing against Bdubs of course.  It is one of my favorite places to go.  But it is definitely not the first thing I think of when you say Valentines Day.

Did I list one of your favorite restaurants?  Leave a comment and let me know where you would love to eat at this Valentines day!



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