Newborn Q+A: What should I bring to my newborn session

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One of the most common questions I get is “What should I bring to my newborn session?”

If you choose to do your newborn photos in the studio, you may be staring at your diaper bag, not sure what to put in it.  Newborns need so much stuff, and you aren’t really sure what you are going to need when you are away from home those first few times.  Hopefully this list will help give you an idea of what you may need to bring for your newborn session
what should I bring to my newborn session


And lots of them!  For whatever reason, we will go through a lot more diapers in the studio than you will go through in the same amount of time at home.  And it’s weird, because a lot of the time your baby won’t have a diaper on for his photos.  It’s some weird law of physics that I just can not explain.  Along with diapers, you will need lots of wipes as well.


If you use a pacifier, or you will possibly use one in the future, bring it!  I know some hospitals recommend you don’t use a pacifier in the first few months to help out with the breastfeeding relationship.  And sometimes, you just don’t want to start using one.  That is all totally fine!   But, if you have one laying around the house that you picked up at your baby shower, bring it along!  It may help soothe baby for a few minutes during her session, which will make everyone a little more relaxed.

And while we are talking about pacifiers, the hospital ones (those big round green ones) are really nice.  They don’t press up against baby’s checks leaving an imprint or red marks.  (Although, please do not go out and purchase a special pacifier just to use during your newborn session.  It’s not that important!)


Baby’s tend to get lost when wearing a lot of clothing, so I don’t usually photograph them in anything.  However, a simple short sleeved cream or white onesie looks very sweet in photos.

If you have a special outfit that you really want your little darling photographed in, please bring it!  We will definitely get a photos of her wearing it!

Little hats looks super sweet on boys and headbands and tutu’s work great for girls.  I have many different options for these in the studio, but if you want to bring something that matches your aesthetic, please feel free!


Props can be super fun to work into a session.  Is your husband a huge baseball fan?  Then bring along some bats, a glove and a ball!  Are you a nurse, bring your stethoscope and we can incorporate it into your photos.  When you add your hobbies and passions into your newborn photos, it makes everything a little more personal.  Let’s make sure we chat about what you want to add to your session ahead of time though, so we can work through the details and make sure we will have everything we need.

All the Rest

  • change of clothes (for you and for baby!)
  • blanket
  • burp cloth
  • extra bottles and formal if needed (babies will eat more than usual during his session


Hopefully this helps make packing up that diaper bag a little bit easier!  My theory, you can never bring too much!  Especially if your husband is there to carry it all for you!

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