3 Reasons to Book a Winter Engagement Session

Ugh! Winter! It is cold, and dreary, and severely lacking sunshine. Why in the WORLD would you voluntarily book your engagement session during winter in wisconsin?!?! Well, I have got THREE great reasons for you! Keep reading to find out why I think you winter engagement sessions are super sweet.

#1: They are totally unique!

Let’s face it! You need to be a pretty brave person to book your engagement session for the winter. The cold weather and the blowing wind doesn’t make you want to spend any more time outside than you have to.

But do it! I guarentee that very few, if any, of your friends have ever had their photos taken in the snow. It’s time to do something different than your friends, take a chance, break out of the mold! You won’t regret it! I promise!

#2: It’s time to get snuggly!

Picture this-it’s 90 degrees outside in the middle of July. The sun is beating down on you warming everything it touches. Sounds like heaven, right? (OMG, I would give ANYTHING for this weather right now!)

Now, snuggle up with your hunny! Go ahead, get right in there all close and snuggly. His arm is lovingly wrapped around you, leaving your head practically in his armpit! Bleh!

It’s sticky, and hot, and miserable. The last thing you want to do is be within 5 feet of another human being, much less be hip to hip with them.

Now-image that same scenerio when it is 35 degrees outside. You want nothing more than to snuggle up to your babe and wrap your arms around him. Settle on in and get comfy and cozy.

Doesn’t that sound a lot more appealing?

#3: It makes winer more bearable

I am all about snow. Beautiful white flakes falling from the sky and covering the entire town in a soft fluffy blanket.

And then Christmas is over all of the white snow seems to turn a brown slushy mess.

Buuuuuttt…if you had amazing engagement photos to look forward to, wouldn’t that make the winter more bearable? As long as you have something to look forward to-winter isn’t too bad.

Bonus Reason: If you get take your engagement photos in the summer, we wouldn’t be able to take a photo of your engagement ring on an icicle. And who can say they have that?

winter pictures in wisconsin

On Thursday I will be showcasing more of this amazing winter engagement session! Stay tuned!

If you want more information on booking your engagement session fill out the contact form HERE to get in touch!



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