3 Simple Ways to Rock Valentines Day for your Preschooler this year.

It’s February, which means it’s almost Valentines day.  Love it or hate it, your preschooler is likely to be handing out valentines to her classmates.  If you haven’t handed out valentines since the early 2000’s, you might be a little it surprised as how Pintresty things have gotten over the years!  Gone are the days when you can write your childs name on a piece of perforated cardstock and call it a day. 

But don’t worry!  I have some tips for you to help make this Valentines Day super successful for you and your kids!  

Tip #1: A Shoebox may not be the best choice as a Valentines Box

So many families work hard to make holidays big and special for their children. And like I mentioned before, handing out typical Valentines doesn’t seem to the be norm anymore.

If you choose to go with a simple shoebox, your preschooler may not be able to fit all of his little love notes inside this simple box. Children tend to hand out play doh, popcorn and <shiver> slime, and those little holes you cut in the box might just not be big enough. These bigger treats will take up a lot of space too.

Instead, I have got a simpler alternative for you – a paper bag! Get a paper grocery bag and make a cut out about 1/3rd from the bottom of the bag. Make this bag into a Valentine’s monster, a robot, or a unicorn. The possibilities are endless!

And don’t forget to add your child’s name somewhere large on the front of the bag.

On that same note: please remember that you don’t need to outdo anyone when it comes to Valentines.  Someone will always have a better/more well executed Pintrest design.  It’s okay!  Remember, Valentines day is about showing people you love and care for them, so it’s okay to let your child go crazy with paper hearts and a few markers. 

Tip #2: Do consider allergies

Unfortunately, there are probably a number of kids in your childs class that can’t have certain kinds of candy.  Whether it is an allergy, a sensitivity to sugar, or just a family choice.  However, there are a number of alternatives that won’t break the bank and are still super fun!  Pencils, stickers, and bouncy balls are a few that come to mind!  This year, my daughters are handing out pencil top erasers for all of their classmates.  A quick Pinerest search brings up plenty of candy free ideas for your Valentines day! 

Tip #3: Don’t write names on all of your Valentines

This tip is going to make you look like a Valentine’s Pro! DON”T PUT NAMES ON THE VALENTINES!  Of course, they should be signed by you child – but that’s it!  Love, Johnny.  That is all!  Don’t address it for who it belongs to.  This will save you so much time, not just creating the Valentines, but in delivering them as well.  You will be the smart/seasoned mom who can just walk down the row of Valentines boxes dropping them into each respective box, while others kid/parent duo’s are walking hunched over trying to read the names on each of the boxes, walking up and down the row to try and find where Lucy’s box is.  

These three easy tips will help you look like a put together rock star mom when all you want to go is grab another cup of coffee and a nap!

Which tip is your favorite? Have a tip of your own to share? Leave a note in the comments below!



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