5 Things your Newborn Photographer Wants you to Know

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So you’ve booked your newborn photographer – but there still might be a few things you are unsure about. Keep reading to check out these five things your newborn photographer wants you to know!

#1: Poop Happens

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Yep, it sure does. Your baby will likely poop and pee all over everything in the studio – and that includes me! And you know what, that is okay! I will absolutely never be upset when this happens. It is part of the job, and I expect it going into every session. In fact, it is one of those stories that will be talked about for years and years after your newborn photos. I often have parents come to me for their one-year session saying “Remember when Johnny pooped all over during his newborn session?”

Everything is washed and cleaned between sessions. Blankets and wraps are thrown in the wash and props are wiped down. Everything in the studio will be completely clean for the next baby to pee on. 🙂

#2: Warm means WARM

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When I tell you it is warm in the studio for your newborn session. I mean, it is WARM. We are talking a balmy 83 degrees. Depending on the season, I will have one or two space heaters running along with bumping up the heat in my studio. All of this heat helps your baby be comfortable when she is undressed for photos.

However, this means that us bigger humans might be a little extra sweaty. Make sure you dress in layers and bring some water to stay hydrated. You can always step out into the hallway to cool off too.

#3: We do not care if you eat

Newborn sessions last anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours. They can be a long time! I promise, it is totally worth it, but you might get a little hungry while you are sitting there. Please don’t feel bad about bringing your breakfast along, Door Dashing some lunch, or sending Hubby on a custard run to LeDuc’s! You will not offend me at all by eating while I am photographing your baby.

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#4: Babies need awake time too

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Sometimes, we will have a baby that is so interested in what is going on that he doesn’t want to close his eyes for even a second. Please don’t worry! We are on baby’s schedule for the entire session. If he wants to be awake, he is going to be awake. There is absolutely no need to apologize for your baby fussing, needing to eat more than usual, or not sleeping. If someone had a magic wand that made all babies sleep when we wanted them to – well, we would have super well-rested new mama’s everywhere! So, until that gets invented, I will use my super power – patience – to just wait it out. And in the meantime, we will get some of those adorable eye open photos. No matter if your baby sleeps for the whole session or is ready to party, we will get absolutely adorable photos!

#5: We get the warm and fuzzies when you tell your friends about us

When you tag us in your social media posts or gush to your friends about how awesome your experience was, it makes our hearts melt like Olaf on a sunny day. As artists, we pour our heart and soul into each and everyone one of our clients and when we hear that amazing feedback that you love your photos, we can’t help by smile a little bit bigger!

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