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I love posting sneak peeks for all of my clients, especially newborn ones!  See, newborns sessions can be long.  They can be tiring.  They are hot, there is a bit of crying, a lot of shushing, and a whole lot of patience.  I have heard moms tell me that they aren’t even sure I was able to get one good photo out of the whole thing.

And then something magical happens!

They see that first sneak peek on Facebook and they are BLOWN AWAY!  It’s amazing how different things look from behind the lens as compared to being next to it.  Adorable photos of their precious little bundle sleeping away.  It truly can take your breath away!

It is for this reason (and so so so many more) that I am so passionate about newborn photography!

And I can’t wait to keep capturing these tiny little smiles!


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And if you are in the market for your own adorable newborn photos, get in touch with me as soon as you feel comfortable! It’s never to early to book your newborn session!



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