Miscellaneous Monday v. 4


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  • Have you ever had roasted chick peas before?  I am kind of obsessed with them!  I have made about 4 batches recently, and while most of them haven’t turned out the way I wanted, they were still delicious.  The last batch two batches I made have been cinnamon sugar.  Yum!  They ALMOST taste like the roasted almonds at Miller Park.


  • The whole family is coming down with colds.  Yuck!  I can not wait for this winter to be over.  I am so completely ready for spring
  • Speaking of spring, 6 years ago today, in 2008, it was about 68* outside.  Can you believe that?!?!
  • Looks like the polar vortex/cold apocalypse is back again.  -35 today, -40 tomorrow, and negative -30 Wednesday.  I asked on my Facebook page if you would prefer cold or snow, and almost all of you said snow. I have to say…I agree
  • You know that game you would play where you would have to choose between two impossible choices?  Vanilla ice cream or Chocolate ice cream?  Cookies or Brownies?  Hot or Cold?  I used to always answer cold, because you can always put on more layers to keep warm-but there is only so much you can take off.  Well, I think I am changing my mind.  This cold is brutal!

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  • Dinner with a friend this week (as long as something doesn’t come up.  I think we have been trying to schedule this since November or so)
  • A dentist appointment for my wonderful tooth ache (yay)
  • Trying to stay warm

Here are some highlights from our little Madison get away!

build a bear madison wi

  • The day Heart Hello Kitty and Woof Woof joined our family.  A week after spending roughly $100 on these lovely stuffed animals (why or why do I do that!?!?! ) they are laying mostly discarded on their beds.  Oh well.  They had fun for 20 minutes.  🙂

build a bear madison wi

  • Filling up those animals with some fluff.  Lily kept wanting more and more in hers, but I think that was just because she enjoyed stepping on the pedal.

Madison Wi Hilton gardens

  • Little Miss Lexie loved the water! She had a great time swimming and doing down the slide all by herself.  It was a pretty big slide too!  As long as we were there to catch her at the bottom, she was good.



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