Miscellaneous Monday Vol. 1

Well, I’ve tried this before, and I think I got about 3 weeks in before I stopped the Misc. Monday posts. Which is sad. Pathetic, really. So, I am going to give it a try again in Let’s see if I can DOUBLE the number of posts I kept up with last year.

As it is for most of you, today is a snow COLD day! Today would have been Lily’s first day back to school after break. Honestly, I am happy to have her home for another day. But I’m selfish like that I guess. We still have Christmas presents to play with, and board games to try out, and an Easy Bake Oven to start creating bakery masterpieces in!

The girls and I met some friends at Kids in Motion this past week. Have you ever been there? It is AWESOME! Obviously child friendly and it lets the kids burn off a whole lot of energy.

Waukesha Wedding Photograper

I wrangled the hubby and kids to try and get some EXTREMELY informal family portraits on New Years Eve. In fact, I am not sure informal even begins to describe it. No make up, in our pi’s, watching some random tv show that was paused in the background while we attempted to use the self timer on the camera. But, the important part is that we have these photos, and I absolutely love them!

Kids playing airplane with daddy

Kids playing airplane with daddy

Ryerson family photos

I think we are all recovering from New Years Day as well. Every New Years we have our friends and family over for lunch. It is one of our absolute favorite days of the year. Our company stays all day while we watch football, and chat about old times.

Party food on table for New Years Day

Kids hanging out at a party

Kids hanging out at a party

Waukesha wedding photographer

Waukesha wedding photographer

Kids hanging out at a party

Cleaning up after a party is always a chore too (but one that is well worth it!)

Cleaning up dishes after a party

For those of you who don’t know, we are a gluten free egg free home due to Lexie’s allergies. I have been experimenting with homemade granola bars, and these are amazing! And so so simple to make! The girls always love helping in the kitchen too.

Little girl baking

Girls baking

We had some friends over got watch the disappointing Packer game yesterday. As you can tell, the girls were having a lot of fun. They were putting on fashion shows, and playing with dolls.

Girls brushing each others hair


  • getting Lily ready to go back to school
  • Finish editing my personal photos from December and get them printed so I can start my Project Life project
  • Read a book or two for enjoyment (If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!)




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