Three Things Not to Stress Over at your Newborn Session

You just got home from the hospital. You are tired, overwhelmed, a little bit sore, and you are wearing mesh underwear for the foreseeable future. While a newborn session seemed like a great idea 3 months ago when you booked your session, you are now feeling a overwhelmed with how to pull everything together.

Keep reading for three things to not stress over for your newborn session.

hospital newborn photo

#1: Bringing Clothes for Baby

Dressing your family for photos is one of the most difficult things to do when planing your photo session. Well, I am here to cross one thing off your plate: you don’t need to pick out an outfit for your baby!

While newborn clothes are simply adorable, they aren’t necessary in photos. It is easy for babies to get lost in their clothes and brings the focus to what they are wearing instead of their cute, adorable little features. A swaddle blanket (and I have PLENTY of those) is all we will need for your family photos!

#2: That Your Baby Wont Sleep

At the end of a newborn session, the most common thing I hear is a big sigh followed by “I was so worried he wasn’t going to sleep.”

I totally get it! At homes, babies wake up if you look at them sideways. And while I have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve to help get your baby to sleep, I also have a secret superpower. Patience.

Luckily, my clients agree with me! Patient is the number one attribute my clients use to describe me, and let me tell you, I have an abundance of it!

If your baby doesn’t want to sleep right now, that’s cool! We will use the time to get eyes wide open, or just some enjoyable mom talk while your baby drifts off to sleep. Once she is nice and comfy, we will start taking photos.

Take a look at my facebook page, and you will see lots of sleepy newborns. sprinkled in there, you will also see some gorgeous awake photos too! See, they are both absolutely beautiful!

#3: How you will feed your baby

Many moms wonder how they will feel nursing or feeding their baby for the first time in public. Well, that is one thing you don’t have to worry about at the studio! I am always willing to step out of the room to give you privacy to feed. I have a nice comfy couch for you an a big stack of pillows to make your comfortable.

You also don’t need to worry about how long it might take to feed your baby. I want you to take your time and for your little one to get a full feeding in. Even if that means it takes an hour! The more full he is, the happier (and sleepier) he will be for the rest of our session!

These are three things you can immediately check off your stress list for your newborn session! Is there something else that creeps into your mind when you think about a newborn session? Leave it in the comments below so I can answer all of your questions for you!

You can also send me a message if you have some more questions I can answer for you. I am always happy to help!



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