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photographer in waukesha

With the Oscar’s coming up, you might be wondering how you can be red carpet ready for your photos too. Because, let’s face it, getting the whole family ready for photos can be an exhausting undertaking. It might even be the barrier that is keeping you from booking a session! But today, we are going […]

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waukesha sitter session photography

You may have heard the term “sitter session” thrown around your mom circles, but you might not know exactly what that is. Let me help clear up the mystery and help you decide if booking one is right for you! A sitter session is typically used to describe sessions for 6-9 month olds who have […]

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simple baby photography

So you’ve booked your newborn photographer – but there still might be a few things you are unsure about. Keep reading to check out these five things your newborn photographer wants you to know! #1: Poop Happens Yep, it sure does. Your baby will likely poop and pee all over everything in the studio – […]

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choosing a newborn photographer

The list is daunting. You scroll and scroll and scroll hoping something, ANYTHING, will jump out at you. But, all you see is a long list of newborn photographers with impossibly cute photos. Where do you even begin when choosing a newborn photographer? There are many factors to consider when choosing a newborn photographer. Some […]

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sleepy newborn photo

You just got home from the hospital. You are tired, overwhelmed, a little bit sore, and you are wearing mesh underwear for the foreseeable future. While a newborn session seemed like a great idea 3 months ago when you booked your session, you are now feeling a overwhelmed with how to pull everything together. Keep […]

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family photographer

Every year, usually around Christmas time, I hear from so many of you who wished you had gotten family photos done during the year!  This year, I am going to give you a head start and give you three awesome reasons on why you should book family photos sooner rather than later, and why this […]

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