How to be Red Carpet Ready for your Photos

With the Oscar’s coming up, you might be wondering how you can be red carpet ready for your photos too. Because, let’s face it, getting the whole family ready for photos can be an exhausting undertaking. It might even be the barrier that is keeping you from booking a session!

But today, we are going to focus on YOU mama! What can you do to make sure you feel and look your best in the photos. Because when you are confident and ready – everyone else will be too!

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Get Ready | Feel Confident

Of course, the first thing to focus on is often the hardest – getting ready! The first thing I want you to do is choose something to wear that makes you feel great! If you don’t like dresses – don’t wear one. If you aren’t a fan of flats – wear heels. Or go barefoot. Don’t wear clothes that are so fitted you aren’t comfortable moving around. And also don’t wear clothes that are too loose that you no longer have any shape.

Choose something to wear that makes you feel great!

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Make sure you leave yourself enough time when getting ready to style your hair and makeup the way you love. I am also giving you full permission to splurge a little and go get your makeup done before your session. If it is going to make you feel good – go for it!

You can do it put your back {leg} in to it

(You are singing now – aren’t you?) So, we might not be putting your back in to it, but we are going to focus on where you put your weight. When standing, you don’t want to have your weight equally on both feet. Not only does this feel stiff – it looks still in the photos. Split your stance and slide your weight to your back leg. This will make you look slimmer and more relaxed in photos.

Put your weight on your back leg to look more relaxed in photos

Get out of your own head

I promise, it is all going to be okay! You hired a professional and you like their work. The hard part is over! Don’t over think it or stress about it. I am here to help you make sure you look your best in your photos and will help you along every step of the way!

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What it’s really all about

All of the prep work for your photos is really there to accomplish one goal – to have fun. I want you to show up to your session feeling confident and ready to create some magical memories. When you look back on your photos of you playing tag with your kids at the park or peppering your little one with kisses, you are not going to be wishing that you would have tucked that one hair behind your ear, or that you should have moved your hand down a little.

I want you to be in the moment with your family, enjoying all of those candid, special memories that are worth capturing. When you are having fun, it helps me have fun too – and it definitely rubs off on dad and the kids. You will be so much happier with your photos when you immerse yourself in the experience and get ready to make some memories

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