So…what exactly is a sitter session?

You may have heard the term “sitter session” thrown around your mom circles, but you might not know exactly what that is. Let me help clear up the mystery and help you decide if booking one is right for you!

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A sitter session is typically used to describe sessions for 6-9 month olds who have reached that adorable sitting milestone. When babies can sit unassisted and balance for a decent amount of time, they are ready for a sitter session!

At a sitter session, we can capture those meaty thighs and gummy smiles in all their glory! Using a multitude of props, textures, blankets, and backdrops will give a lot of variety to your session as well.

Can family members be part of a sitter session?

Of course! It is fun to get the whole family involved in a sitter session! Family photos are always welcome. And sometimes – they are super necessary! At this age, some babies begin to experience stranger anxiety, so having mom and dad close by during the session can help ease those worries and make an enjoyable session for everyone!

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Where to do my session?

When booking your sitter session, you can choose between doing an indoor session at the studio or an outdoor session. Both sessions have advantages and disadvantages.

Studio sessions are awesome for this age. My studio is stocked with everything we will need to showcase your baby. From colorful fun backdrops, to tiny little chairs and even a closet stocked with the cutest outfits you have ever seen! In studio, we can control the temperature and the lighting which makes it an excellent choice for your sitter session. We can also work around nap time and bed time a little easier because we don’t have to worry about when the outdoor lighting will be the best.

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Outdoor sessions are always a great choice too! The natural lighting and beautiful settings provide the perfect backdrop for photographing your family! I have many outdoor locations in Waukesha County that work so well for photos at this age. I can offer up all of my suggestions to help you make the best choice to match your vision. Keep in mind that babies are picky about grass, temperature, the breeze, and humidity. You know your baby best, so keep that in mind when choosing your setting for your photos!

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No matter what you choose, the sitter milestone is a great one to capture! If you are interested in learning more about booking a session, let me know so I can get you all of the details!

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