Misc. Monday v. 2

Week 2 and I am already running out of things to say! Sheesh!

Well, Lily finally went back to school this week Thursday. She was super excited to go back, as was I. Her and Lexie have been fighting like crazy for the last few days, and I think the time apart served them well. But…I forgot Lily was the star on Thursday. :/ No biggie except that she didn’t get to bring in a toy for hide and tell. Oh well-we will get it next time.

Lily also had dance class on Wednesday. She is in love with both tap and ballet-and seriosuly-watching a bunch of 3, 4 and 5 year olds dance is absolutely adorable! We also found out that for the recital this year they will be dancing to “It’s a good ship, lollipop” for their tap routine and “The Circle of Life” for their ballet routine. Super excited!

Here is one of Lily’s photos from last year. I can’t wait until she gets her costumes this year so I can take some more!


I actually read a book for enjoyment this week! Yay! I started and finished The Purple Cow which is an awesome marketing book and I am in the middle of A is for Alibi which is a Kinsley Millhone series. I also signed up for GoodReads. Seriosuly, for as much as I enjoy reading, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this site before. I love that it gives me reading suggestions based on what I have already read. Are you on GoodReads? If you want to follow me, you can do so HERE.

* Go to an awesome birthday party at a waterpark
* Finish up a wedding, a newborn session, and a family session
* Prepare for my birthday getaway weekend!

And just because I know you want to see them….here are some more photos of Lily in her costumes from last year.




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